Ophthalmology Supplies & Accessories

No matter what you’re looking for, we at Automated Ophthalmics pride ourselves on the wide range of ophthalmology supplies and accessories we carry. Our complete line allows you to provide everything your practice may need. Our competitive prices offer significant savings on batteries, punctum plugs, medical recording paper, , diagnostics, and more. In addition, we have convenient online ordering for all of the quality products we carry.  

We also offer personalized service, so we can help you right away. By only selling to health care professionals, we can keep our overhead down to provide the best prices on ophthalmology supplies and accessories.

All supplies are made in the U.S.A.

Chin Rest Pads: Universal – Item #AO105



Tono-Pen Replacement Case



Tono-Pen Delux Case



Rollens – Item #AO149

1 Bag of 100


Pen Light – Item #749-102



Alcohol Pads – Item #AO139



Nylon Dust Covers

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