Extend Punctal Plugs for Sale

Extend Punctum Plugs

BVI Extend Absorbable Synthetic Implants

In addition to our tonometer tip covers, you’ll find essential ophthalmic supplies you need for your practice—including Extend punctum plugs for sale—at Automated Ophthalmics. Punctal plug implants, which are also called punctum plugs, lacrimal plugs, and occluders, are used to help patients who are experiencing dry eye symptoms. Whether chronic or due to a recent procedure such as LASIK, the punctum plugs for sale in our online collection can help temporarily relieve dry eye symptoms. For individuals who have chronically dry eyes that have not responded well to artificial tears or eye drops, BVA extend absorbable synthetic implants are a great trial product to see if Extend punctal plugs are a good fit.

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