Free Tono-Pen TuneUp

Is your Tono-Pen no longer performing at peak efficiency? Our comprehensive Tono-Pen tuneup is performed by a seasoned professional who knows the ins-and-outs of various tonometer brands. Through our handheld tonometer service, you can expect improved performance and to extend the life of your tonometer. If your equipment needs more than a simple once-over, we provide reliable Tono-Pen repair services.  

Our free Tono-Pen tuneup includes:

  • Performance Evaluation
  • Maintenance Inspection
  • Battery Replacement
  • Transducer Cleaning

To thank you for your long-term support of our focus—manufacturing tonometer tip coverswe offer this service free of charge. 

As you send your Tono-Pen in for a free tune-up, stock up on supplies that have been running low. We carry everything you may needfrom tip covers to various styles of Punctum Plugs. 

Send us your Tono-Pen. Include your request for a Tune-Up along with your contact information. You will pay only the shipping costs.

Contact us to get started!